Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

Create your ecommerce website on ShopWired today.
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Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

Create your ecommerce website on ShopWired today.
Start today with 14 days free

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Migrate from Shopify to ShopWired in 7 days or less

Record numbers of Shopify users moved from Shopify to ShopWired in 2021, and the number of customers migrating is increasing month-on-month.

With ShopWired's automatic data import tools, custom built for migrating from Shopify, you can migrate your entire store within just 7 days.

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Automatic data migration


Take an export of your Shopify product data. Upload the same file, without any changes, into your ShopWired account for processing.

ShopWired's migration tool will automatically create the products on your account, with all the data from Shopify, including copying across your product images.

Collections & categories

Shopify doesn't provide an export of collection data. However, when your products are migrated to ShopWired, we'll automatically create categories for each collection and assign the relevant products.

You can then manually add in additional data about the created categories such as descriptions, images, and SEO tags.


Download your customer data from Shopify and import the file into ShopWired, and we'll recreate your customer accounts.

Customers will need new passwords in order to login to their account, which they can request using the 'forgotten your password' feature. We can help to put a quick 'request a new password' link on the login page of your website.

Product reviews

If you collect product reviews with Shopify's review service, you can migrate these reviews too.

As with other data migrations, take an export of the reviews from your Shopify account and upload the same file to your ShopWired account. All of your reviews will be automatically copied across.


Your website's theme

Shopify themes cannot be used on other platforms like ShopWired, but all you'll need to do is choose a new theme for your store.

Simply pick a theme from ShopWired's free selection, and use the theme editor to customize it with your own branding, colors, images, and text. If you need any help with customizations, ShopWired's onboarding team can assist you to make your ShopWired theme every bit as good as your Shopify one.

ShopWired themes support advanced customizations too. You have full access to the HTML/CSS/JS files of your theme to make any changes you need to, or you can hire a third party coder or use ShopWired's coding service. ShopWired themes can support any features you need, no matter how complex. For more details contact us.

A managed, pain free migration process

If you don't have the time to migrate the store yourself, but still need to make the switch, you can use ShopWired's setup service and one of our experts will manage and complete the entire migration process for you.

Setup packages start at just $349 and a typical migration takes around 7 days to complete.

One of ShopWired's ecommerce experts will migrate all of your Shopify account data, choose and customize your theme, and set up all of your website's content pages and checkout settings.

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Shipping settings

Configure shipping services and zones to match your existing shipping rates. Use advanced shipping features from ShopWired to configure additional rules, such as excluding certain products from specific delivery rates.

Receiving payments

ShopWired integrates with over 60 international payment gateways. ShopWired charges no transaction fees, so you can use whichever gateway you want without paying additional charges.

Account settings

Copy across any account settings from Shopify to ShopWired in just a few minutes. From Google Analytics tracking code & conversion scripts to custom order status to voucher and discount codes, all of your Shopify account settings can be seamlessly transferred into corresponding ShopWired settings.

Content pages

Use ShopWired's content management system to create content pages. Copy and paste any text from your existing Shopify content pages to the corresponding pages on your ShopWired website.

Website SEO rankings

ShopWired's data migration tools mean each of your website pages can retain the same URL on ShopWired as they have on Shopify, and you can use our 301 redirects feature in case any do change. Keeping the same page URLs and improving site architecture and usability means your website's rankings in search results will not be degraded.

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