Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

Create your ecommerce website on ShopWired today.
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Create your own ecommerce website and start selling successfully with ShopWired today

Create your ecommerce website on ShopWired today.
Start today with 14 days free

Migrating to ShopWired?
What you need to know

If you're migrating to ShopWired from an existing ecommerce platform, utilize ShopWired's expertize to ensure the migration is smooth and problem free.

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In 2022
Over 10,000 businesses will migrate to ShopWired from another ecommerce platform

You are not alone. Customers from Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, BigCartel, BluePark, EKM, Zen Cart, and many other platforms move their websites to ShopWired every day.

Over 10,000 customers will replatform to ShopWired in 2022.

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Migrate your website to ShopWired in less than 7 days

With ShopWired's automatic product, category, and customer data import tools, customizable themes, and powerful checkout settings, you can migrate your full website to ShopWired within just 7 days.

Data Migration
Move your data to ShopWired

Categories & Images

Transfer your category structure and information (like images) across to ShopWired automatically through our category import system.

Products & Images

All of your product data and product images can be automatically transferred across to ShopWired using our product import system.


Customer data can be moved across for your existing customers, so they can continue to login to their customer accounts on your website.

Product Reviews

Product reviews can also be imported and assigned to the products they belong to.

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Checkout & settings
Quick and easy setup

Easy and flexible shipping

Customize shipping services and prices for delivery around the world.

Accepting online payments

ShopWired integrates with over 60 international payment gateways, with easy no-fuss setup.

Offers and discounts

Use ShopWired's powerful promotion discounts, vouchers, and special offers systems to launch your store with a bang!

Website settings

Set up additional settings for your website within just a few minutes.

Choose, customize, and brand
your theme in minutes

All of ShopWired's themes are provided free of charge. Choose from a range of styles and layouts to match your brand values and fit your products and intended audience perfectly.

Use ShopWired's easy theme editor to customize the look and feel of your online store, customizing images, text, and colors to match your branding and product range.

ShopWired's design team also provides a full-service bespoke theme design service, built to your exact requirements. Find out more information here.

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Start —
Migrate within 7 days

Need a hand migrating your store and data? Purchase a ShopWired store setup package and a ShopWired migration expert will handle the entire process for you.

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Need a hand with marketing your new website? We've got you covered. Check out the links below to find out more information about our PPC and SEO marketing packages.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What data can I import?

    You can import category, product, and customer data automatically if you're currently using Shopify, BigCommerce, EKM, or Bluepark. If you're using another provider, you can still import this data, but it will need to be modified into the required ShopWired format. ShopWired also has import systems for product reviews and voucher codes.

  • Can I use my existing template/theme?

    Templates from other platforms cannot be used on ShopWired. Instead you'll need to choose a new template and then use our theme editor to customize it to your requirements. Alternatively we may be able to replicate your website's existing design on ShopWired, please contact us for a quote.

  • How long does it take to migrate a website?

    The migration process depends on how much data there is to move across and how much time you can dedicate to completing the work. If you ask ShopWired to migrate your store for you, using a ShopWired setup package, then typically the process takes between 7 - 14 days.

  • Can I keep my domain name?

    Yes, absolutely you can use your own domain name with ShopWired. You just need to change a couple of settings on the domain name known as DNS to point it at the ShopWired servers.

  • Will I lose my search engine rankings?

    No, there is no reason for you to lose any search engine rankings. If you have a good position in search results, then we have some guidance for you to follow when migrating to make sure the process is as smooth as it can be and that your rankings are not disrupted. For more details see here.

  • Are you integrated with my payment gateway?

    We're integrated with over 60 international payment gateways. You can view a full list on our help website. If we're not integrated with your gateway, we may be able to build an integration for you, please contact us for a quote.

  • My shipping rate schedule is complicated, can ShopWired handle it?

    Yes, most likely we can. ShopWired has a wide range of functionality for shipping rates and rules. If you're unsure how to migrate your existing schedule to fit ShopWired's functionality, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

  • Can I import orders?

    No, unfortunately order data cannot currently be imported into ShopWired.

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